Greg Duffy

Greg Duffy

Greg established ByteBack in 1988 after a number of years working for vertical software and IT Service companies based in Brisbane. The first project was assisting with the setup of the IT infrastructure at Expo 88 and supporting this during Expo and afterwards during the transition to the South Bank Corporation post the Expo. In these days Novell networks were dominant and 90% of the planet used Wordperfect. Micrsoft Windows, Word and Excel were but a dream.

Greg specialises in Software Development and IT consultancy and support services with extensive experience in software design, development and analysis, including Component design, Object-Oriented Programming, Relational Database programming. Graphical User Interface design and Web and Cloud based applications.

Over the years skills have been developed in Internet, Intranet & e-commerce fields utilizing technologies such as Java, ActiveX, ASP. Corba. COM, HTML, Javascript, PHP, Linux, etc with an emphasis on designing and developing complex database systems.

In addition to development services Greg also has extensive experience installing and supporting computer networks and infrastructure including establishing email systems, virus protection, office productivity environments and providing IT management and support services on an ongoing basis. We have many long term clients for whom we provide total IT support.

Knowledge of Microsoft Products goes right back to the birth of the first IBM PC. Greg has extensive experience in supporting and optimizing all of the Windows Desktop and Server releases and technologies with as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL, Office/Office 365, Azure and most other Microsoft products.

In addition to the Microsoft Products, Greg also has extensive experience with the IBM Notes and Domino products, at a Developer and Administration level. This knowledge stretches back to 1996 with the version 4 release. ByteBack currently supports, a number of clients running email and applications on the platform and we can provide ongoing support, development and administration services on this platform. We also often run the Domino server on the Linux platform for both stability and scalability reasons, in addition to the more standard Windows Server deployments.

Current focus is on leveraging experience gained over the past 30+ years to provide services to companies looking to move into the growing software as a service (SAS), and cloud based fields and in particular the exploding BigData and IoT spaces.

Software Development experience includes design and implementation of business software for the Windows and MS-Dos operating systems as well as Linux and Solaris based systems. Comprehensive experience of many development environments including Java, Python, GO, PHP, Delphi, C#, IBM Notes, Clipper, Paradox, Foxpro, dBase, C++ and Visual Basic has been built up and honed over the years.

The current preferred enterprise development language is Java in combination with modern agile languages such as Kotlin, Scala, Groovy, Grails, Python and PHP and most recently the GO and NodeJS languages. A particular growth are is in developing and managing Micro-services and working with Cloud type systems, including Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and SmartOS systems.